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Box to Bench with the Umarex Origin .22 caliber PreCharged Pneumatic pellet rifle from Pyramyd Air

We are back again with another Box to Bench video where we go directly from the UPS truck to the backyard range, set up the airgun and show you what kind of accuracy you can expect once the rifle is set up and sighted in. This video is designed to help you understand what the user experience is going to be directly out of the box without any tweaking or tuning. In this video we look at the Umarex Origin PCP (PreCharged Pneumatic) airgun in .22 cal. This is a magazine fed rifle that is very maneuverable and pointable, and it turns out has power to spare. We bought ours from PyramydAir.com, and couldn't be happier with their care for us as customers, their responsiveness to messages and questions and the transparency about the availability of what we wanted to order. We have no reservations about recommending them as a retailer...be sure to check them out. We purchased this rifle. The opinions about are exclusively ours. We are open to manufacturers sending us products for trial and/or review, but our opinions are and always will be our own. We don't have time to say nice things about stuff we don't like and aren't going to use. Spoiler alert...We like this air rifle. If you are on the fence about it, either as your first PCP or to have one for the neighbor to borrow, it has a lot of upside. With a good hand-pump it could be part of your sustainable post-apocalypse feed the family small game kit. Thanks to @The Dollar Sportsman for the gift of the sweet "Airy Christmas" sweatshirt. If you'd like one hop on over to https://www.thedollarsportstore.com/ and order one for yourself! My Origin is a .22 caliber model, and I'm using a Hill MKIV hand pump to test the claims I've heard about getting a full power shot in as few as 15 pumps.Guess what, you can. Just about everything on the box is accurate. I anticipate a follow-up video to this one, so if there are things you want to know, let us hear about it in the comments, and we will try to work them in to the next one.
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