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Viewing videos

VPNs / Bespoke Extensions / AD Blockers

The system employed by VPN’s is designed to protect your security at your end. However it becomes a third party in between our streaming servers and your device which is being used to watch the video.

If the VPN goes slow, or does not provide a constant stream this will cause playback issues. Therefore if you use a VPN and encounter playback issues we do not support that. 

Browsers with Extensions

There are hundreds of them and we do not support playback for unknown extensions.

Extensions can include Ad Blockers - we DO run pre-roll adverts and use adverts on the platform and the video’s - so if you have extensions designed to block those it is going to affect the playback of the video. We cannot support that as an issue

We are not Google or YouTube - we do not have the resources to react to every browser extension, update and change made by many hundreds of manufacturers around the world. We do research the more popular updates and realise fixes in batches over monthly periods - be aware if you have a bespoke setup we may not be able to fix it.

Network and browser requirements

The quality of your playback experience is largely dependent on the download speed you have from ISP (Internet Service Provider) or mobile provider. Keep in mind that your overall Internet speed can vary depending on many factors, including but not limited to: time of day, Wi-Fi performance, other devices/users utilizing your connection, and the strength of the signal provided by your ISP.

The following table shows the minimum speeds required for each playback quality:

Quality Required Minimum Bandwidth
240p 500 kbps
360p 1 Mbps
720p 3 Mbps
1080p 7 Mbps
2K 12 Mbps
4K & up 22 Mbps

In addition, we recommend using the following browsers and versions on Windows 7 or later or macOS Sierra (10.12.6) or later:

  • Chrome 30+ (has automatic updates)
  • Firefox 27+ (has automatic updates)*
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Safari 9+ 

*H.264 video (required for viewing videos) is only supported in Firefox for Windows 7 and later. Firefox versions on Windows XP are no longer supported for playback. 

Mobile viewers can use Android (Lollipop) version 5.0+ or iOS version 9.3.5+.

⚠️ Blackberry and Windows phone users: You may still able to view airgun101 videos on devices that support HTML5; however, we do not test out our player in these environments and thus cannot guarantee support.

⚠️Samsung users: The Samsung Internet browser (all versions) is not supported for future Live presentations. We recommend installing Chrome instead. 

System requirements for Airgun101 playback

While airgun101 video’s may work on older setups, we strongly recommend keeping your system as up to date as possible. Browsers and operating systems are constantly releasing bug fixes, security updates, and improvements, and we do our best to keep up with them as well. 

Below you’ll find our minimum requirements for airgun101 playback.

Supported browsers - Playback

We support playback in browsers that can decode H.264 videos in an HTML5 player. Due to rising security vulnerabilities, airgun101 does not support Flash. If you’re using an older browser, system, or website, you’ll need to upgrade to continue watching airgun101 videos.

Here is a list of our supported browsers/versions:

  • Chrome 30+ (has automatic updates)
  • Firefox 27+ (has automatic updates)*
  • Internet Explorer 11*
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Safari 9+ 

*H.264 video (required for viewing airgun101 videos) is only supported in Firefox for Windows 7 and later. Firefox versions on Windows XP are no longer supported for playback. 

*Older versions of Internet Explorer (IE 10, 9, 8, etc) that lack support for the TLS 1.2 protocol and HTML5 cannot be used to play airgun101 videos. As of January 12, 2016, Microsoft has stopped releasing updates to older versions of IE. (Microsoft's official statement on IE support can be found here)

Supported operating systems - Playback

The airgun101 player operates in a wide range of operating systems, but we can only guarantee full functionality on systems that are still being supported by their proprietors.

Microsoft has ended support for Windows XP and Windows Vista. 

The earliest version of MacOS still receiving extended support from Apple is Sierra (v. 10.12.6), and support for it is rumored to end in September 2019. Earlier versions of MacOS (El Capitan, Yosemite, Mavericks, etc) are not supported. 

While we still love to hear about Vimeo bugs affecting older systems, we cannot always guarantee they’ll be prioritized or solved.


  • Android (Lollipop) version 5.0+
  • iOS version 9.3.5+

⚠️ Blackberry and Windows phone users: You may still able to view airgun101 videos on devices that support HTML5; however, we do not test out our player in these environments and thus cannot guarantee support.

Enhanced Playback

Live events

Similar to uploaded videos, playback for live events is supported on any setup that supports H.264 videos, HTML5, and Media Source (specifically required for our adaptive streaming system). Please see our supported systems for playback above, with the following exceptions:

  • Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 7 and earlier is not supported for airgun101 Live
  • The Samsung Internet browser (all versions) is also not supported for airgun101 Live. We recommend installing Chrome instead. 

5K, 6K, 7K, or 8K playback - we do not supply these streams at this time.

Internet connection requirements - Playback

We require minimum stable download speeds of 500 kbps or faster in order to view our lowest quality, SD 240p. Since bandwidth tends to fluctuate for a number of unforeseen variables, we always recommend you use a dedicated Internet line of 5 Mbps or faster NOT a VPN to stream and download high quality videos on the Internet. For optimal performance, a hardwired connection via Ethernet is best, but if you prefer to use WiFi, be sure that your router is configured correctly and that your network is not being shared with other devices (this can limit the starting speeds you pay your ISP for).

Not sure what speeds your device is receiving? Visit (on mobile or desktop) for an estimate. We recommend performing this test a few times since bandwidth can change. 

Frequent buffering during playback

Frequent buffering can occur when the viewer’s Internet bandwidth does not support playback of the selected video quality. Try switching to “Auto” in the quality menu (the default), if available. If “Auto” is not available, switch to one of the lower quality options.

If your video still fails to start, check your estimated bandwidth

Registering an Account/Profile

What does registering an account/profile at Airgun101 allow me to do?

Registering an account/profile and logging in will allow you to leave comments under any video on Airgun101

Setting up a new account/profile

Click REGISTER on the main menu. Fill out the small form and your account/profile will automatically be created for use straight away.

User Registration Form

Fill in the required fields.

Name This will appear next to any comments you leave on Airgun101 and will be visible
Username  This is your login and will not be visible
Password  Choose a password which is at least 8 characters long
Confirm Password  Confirm your password is correct

To create an account and leave comments, you will need to agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions which are available to view.

Click the I'm not a robot Captcha

Click  Register

Login / Logout

Once you have registered an account, use the LOGIN link on the main menu. Now under each video you can add your comments.

If you wish to Logout, a LOGOUT  link will be visible on the main menu, only if you are logged in. This will log you out of

You will need to login again in order to leave comments again.

My Profile

You can edit certain details of your profile here, such as your:

(This is your login and is not visible)
email address

However, you need to contact admin at in order to change your Name (This will appear next to any comments you leave on Airgun101 and will be visible).

More features in this section such as avatars are under development.

Deleting your account/profile

At any point you wish to close your account/profile please email - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To Be Clear - the above email cannot help if you cannot register, use, understand the site - this is a free to use site and as such we cannot pay for a person to sit and hold your hand. If you use Blockers/IP Hiders/ anything on your PC that may stop you registering that is your issue, we cannot fix it. We do not quote 100% usage - if your technology does not allow we do not adjust our site to make it work. Some will be disappointed, that’s life.

Allow 7 days for a response for any emails sent.


Leaving a Comment

Underneath each video there is a section to leave your comment. You must have registered and be logged in to do this.

Editing a Comment

You may edit comments that you have previously posted. You may only edit your own comments. This is done by clicking on the three dots in the top right section of your comment and selecting the edit link, then by clicking save.

Deleting a Comment

You may delete comments that you have previously posted. You may only delete your own comments. This is done by clicking on the three dots in the top right section of your comment and selecting the delete link, then by confirming delete.

You may also bulk delete your comments if you have more than one you wish to delte by clicking My Comments in the main menu and using the checkbox / bulk tool.