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What are the benefits of joining Airgun 101?

You are talking to a whole new fabulous dedicated audience. The content is protected from deletion by You Tube. Your video is hosted alongside some of the world’s biggest Creators and your included in the mail outs to the subscribers so no longer do you need to fight the bigger social media channels to promote you. If you make good content people will watch on Airgun 101.

What If I have 4756 subscribers and want my whole channel on Airgun 101?

Contact us, yes this may happen If your content is high enough quality. But we may also say not yet.

Why can I not upload directly?

We monitor our content, some content is not acceptable and we do not want that to be uploaded. Also hosting content cost’s a lot of money, so we select the quality content. Everything is about learning, when you have made few videos, posted them for free on You Tube (who also pay zero for new Creators) you learn what works and what does not. What laws apply, what reactions you get and if you’re going to post 1 video a year or 5 a week.

Can I send you an individual video?

Yes, please do, we can show it on our airguns of the world type section, but we will not pay you for it.

Why do you pick and choose?

Being blunt, some stuff uploaded is not watchable for more than a few seconds and may be a personal record of a great day out for someone. I am not paying to host that content, so quality is the what we look for. If your proud of what you have made, submit it, but please don’t be offended if it’s not posted.

Why do I have to sign a copyright contract?

You own your content, it’s yours. If I upload the content to Airgun 101 without your permission, you can make a legal claim. Thus, we need your permission to upload the content. If your content which is copyrighted to you has parts in it that do not belong to you, Airgun 101 does not wish to be sued for the content that is not yours, so we have to cover ourselves. It’s the same format You Tube uses.

Why do you not pay?

Simply because we have to be funded, the site costs hundreds of dollars a day to run, and we are limited. The best way is to give everyone a great experience on the site. We simply have to start somewhere. As with any enterprise, you have to start small and work up.

Why do you gauge everything against YouTube numbers?

YouTube, while they can have bad points are a great learning ground for Creators. Posting videos to YouTube allows Creators to learn, understand what works and what does not. It’s looked at that once a Creator passes 10,000 subscribers they have had a monetisation issue, or had a copyright claim, had to fight with You Tube in some manner. Thus, it’s a great training ground for people. So, You Tube teaches the basic do’s and don’ts which at this time Airgun 101 cannot.

When can everyone upload when and how they want?

Probably never to an extent, we will always authorise a channel. How-ever we are growing, and things are being worked on. Remember we have been alive for 3 months now, and a lot more is to come…

Who is pulling your strings? Who owns You?

ME, Giles Barry, I own this site. The videos you see are the video’s posted by Creators who I have zero control over. If AEAC makes a Daystate, Air Arms or Weihrauch review it goes on. Simple. I post what people are making.

What else is yet to come?

Exciting stuff, boy oh boy, your gonna love it, way more than just videos...

Can ANYONE get a channel?

Yes... and no, I am well aware of who shouts and screams and says rude things about other Creators. So, if that’s someone you watch, they won’t be on Airgun 101. I am not paying hosting bills to have people insulted.

If you make quality content, with constructive points and help the community you are most welcome.

Show when things don’t work as they should, point out errors but be mindful of slander laws and saying things that might offend anyone. Even insulting your neighbour with an untruth / myth or “my friend has told me” has legal implications and from experience people do use lawyers.

Airgun 101 is a safe friendly home for Creators, Viewers, Advertisers, Industry and most importantly the Community as a whole.
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