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4 months with the FX Maverick-An In-Depth + Long Winded Explanation on why it’s my Go-To Pesting Gun

Well, this started out as a three month shooting review. But by the time I got everything edited, it turned out that I’d been working and living with this air rifle for four months. That’s plenty of time to shake out a few likes and dislikes and really have a solid understanding of what that particular model has to offer...and also discover anything that keeps you from wanting to pull the trigger.

This air rifle was purchased by me from Southern Precision Air Weapons. I paid full freight for this rifle. No discounts. You are hearing my thoughts as a consumer. Maybe someday a company will send an air rifle over for a test, but that hasn’t happened yet.

The FX Maverick is an accurate, feature rich airgun. Mine is the .22 caliber Compact version. That means it has a shorty bottle and a 500mm barrel. I’m getting several magazines per fill, and it flies the JSB Hades at just over 900 FPS. Anything I miss under 65 yards is all on me. Usually it’s a bad wind read.

Between 30 and 55 yards it puts out .55-.8MOA groups-repeatedly-without much effort, and that’s with the JSB Hades...a hunting pellet. From a 500mm barrel. The whole gun, minus the DonnyFL Tatsu is only about 27 inches long.

If you watch the video you’ll hear my thoughts, see groups I’ve shot, AND SOME PEST CONTROL. The FX Maverick, especially in its Compact form, excels as a pesting rifle. So this review has images and videos of pest control. IF YOU AREN'T INTERESTED IN SEEING PEST ANIMALS BEING HUMANELY AND LEGALLY DISPATCHED WITH A FULL POWER AIRGUN, TGEN THERE’S NOTHING TO SEE HERE.

Sorry for shouting.

The video is kinda long for such a short rifle. If you want brevity, here it goes. The FX Maverick Compact in .22 cal is a freaking phenomenal air gun, and if you want one, order it now. Is it better than the Impact, no. If you buy a Maverick will you regret not holding out for the Impact M3 (released last week) No. It’s a great value, even if it isn’t cheap. What the UK reviewers tend to call "Good value for money."

If you stick it out and watch the whole video, you’ll be “rewarded” with my thoughts and 4 months of pest control greatest hits. Some with slow motion.

For more information about the gear used in this video check out the following links:

FX Maverick in .22 cal
Available at retailers worldwide

Saber Tactical Adjustable Butt Stock and Universal ARCA Swiss Rail
Available at retailers worldwide

JSB Hades Pellet
Available at retailers worldwide

Side Shot Scope Cam mount for Mobile Phone

DonnyFL Tatsu
Available at retailers worldwide

OdePro KL52 Plus Hunting Light
Also available at Amazon

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