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GRS Nordic Wolf Rifle Stock for FX Crown MKII

The FX Crown MKII meets the perfect custom fit to any position you may find yourself with the GRS Rifle Stock. If you hand your rifle off to someone else, the rifle will fit there anatomy just as much as it fits yours. Comfort can only be felt when you grip the GRS Rifle Stock's unique 6 degree offset grip that is second to none in design. Experience the difference with the GRS Rifle stock by contacting your FX Airgun dealer and get your hands on the best upgrade to fit you.

Now available in both Nordic Wolf Laminate and Green Mountain Laminate.


If you are ever unsure and need service in US visit: https://fxairguns-usa.com/service-request/
For all other areas outside of the US please visit: https://fxairguns.com/support/

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