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March 8th 2019 FX Masterclass - World-renowned airgun smith, Ernest Rowe, shares a lifetime of airgun knowledge. covering everything from basic airgun maintenance to a comprehensive step by step repair tutorials. *** Table of Contents Below *** In this Episode, Ernest demonstrates how to reassembly the FX Wildcat MkI Table of Contents 00:36 - Regulator 03:06 - Manometer 06:00 - Valve Assembly 10:28 - Reloading Assembly 18:40 - Hammer Assembly 20:27 - Trigger Assembly 23:41 - Trigger Alignment For a detailed schematic of the FX Wildcat, follow the link below: http://www.fxairguns.com/wp-content/u... To order parts or speak with a certified FX Technician call or email: service@fxairguns.com (866) 639-0772

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