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Air Venturi Avenger (AIRGUN TUNING GUIDE) ! + ACCURACY TEST - Airgun Regulator + Hammer Spring Setup

In this video, I teach the audience how to tune an airgun step-by-step. This Air Venturi Avenger tuning guide video teaches everything one needs to know in order to successfully tune an airgun, air rifle, or pellet gun. I discuss specifics about airgun hammer spring adjustment and airgun regulator pressure adjustment, as well share the philosophies & approach on how to bring the two into balance with one another, producing harmonious airgun shot strings. Airgun pellet velocity, extreme spread, standard deviation, and fpe are also taught in great detail, as are creating airgun tunes that emphasize economy, power, accuracy... and combinations of all three!!

This airgun tuning guide focuses on the Air Venturi Avenger .22 cal, but its teachings, methods, and practices can be applied to any Air Venturi Avenger air rifle to include .177 caliber & .25 caliber. The basic teachings and principals taught in this airgun tuning guide video can also be easily applied to any brand of airgun to include, FX Impact, FX Wildcat, FX Crown, FX Dreamline, Daystate, Brocock, Air Venturi, AirMaks Arms, Edgun, Taipan, Airgun Technologies (AGT), Weihrauch, Diana, Edgun, Air Arms, Crosman, Benjamin, AEA Airguns, Hatsan, Kral, and more!!!



AEAC's 2nd YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_yL99JCgr6x4NZtjW4_VvQ

Equipment used in the making of this video:

Sonny A6400 4K DSLR
Sennheiser MKE600 Microphone (Sometimes MKE400 mic)
Benro Tripod or Koolehaoda Tripod
Cyberlink Power Director Editing Software
Custom Built Liquid Cooled PC

DISCLAIMER: This video is meant for educational & documentary purposes only. All work on airguns and airgun accessories should be carried out by a proficient licensed professional. Airgun Exploration & Advancement Channel nor YouTube will be held liable for any injury or damage resulting from attempting to duplicate anything shown in this video. Airgun Exploration & Advancement Channel is not an airgun store. We do NOT sell airguns, airgun parts, or airgun related equipment. Airgun Exploration & Advancement Channel is compensated by YouTube for its content creation. By viewing this video, you are acknowledging the contents of this disclaimer.

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