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Wind reads and gray squirrels-Is StrelokPro accurate Is the Tatsu quiet enough to shoot a double?

Notice: This is a pest control video. It includes video of pest animals, gray squirrels, being legally shot with an airgun on my property. There is an overabundance of squirrels on my property and they are responsible for a lot of damage.

Three gray squirrels over a two day period payed a visit to one of our new feeders.

The first one arrived early in the day while the wind was blowing at about 4 mph out of the east. There’s no wind break on that side, and...well...you’ll see what happens.

The next day, after another round of snow, I had two battling for dominance on the same feeder.

Can I shoot the double? Will the DonnyFL Tatsu tame the FX Maverick’s bark enough to get shots off on two squirrels in the same tree?

Watch and see!

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