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What the Hades is an ARCA Swiss Rail, and why the Hades should I care?

The ARCA Swiss mounting system has been around for decades but more recently has become a common option in the Firearms and Airgun world.
But what is it?
ARCA Swiss is another way of connecting your Airgun to a shooting rest, bipod or tripod. Like a Picatinny rail, the ARCA Swiss rail is the interface between the rifle and the rest. Think of it as a big dovetail rail. 50mm big! Because it's bigger it has more grip. Because there are no "teeth" it's infinitely adjustable along the length of the rail. You can mount it to a tripod and have weight forward, weight back or mount it at it's balance point, depending of course on the characteristics of your rifle.
Saber Tactical ( https://sabertacticalinc.com/​ ) has released a rail for the FX Impact that includes a section of ARCA Swiss rail. This video shows how that rail can allow the airgun to be mounted to an inexpensive photo tripod with a Neewer brand adapter available from Amazon.
The next step will be upgrading the tripod, but it’s already more stable (but less maneuverable) than my Primos Trigger Stick.

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