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Pimp my Pumper part 3

Takin' the Crosman 1322 from Blah to Bitchin'!
After achieving solid results with a thorough barrel cleaning we've replaced the stock, plastic grips with a set of custom walnut grips from Maverick Custom Airguns https://maverickcustomairguns.com/​ as well as an all-metal fiber optic front sight and barrel band.
This video walks you through and passed some sticking points that might come up in your build due to the nature of the level of precision (or lack of it) that the 37$ Black Friday 1322 pumper special.
Tools used include:
Flat blade screwdriver
3/32 allen wrench
3/16th inch drill bit
Cordless drill
Roll Pin Punch/Hammer
You may only need the screwdriver and the roll pin punch/hammer combo depending on how "to spec" your 1322 is.
We finish up with an impressive 5 shot group, and these results will necessitate that all future shots be taken at 10 yards.

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