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Olympia Shot 25 gr 22 cal slugs, New to the US from Predator Int, Tested in the FX Maverick airgun

Last spring our friend, the Lord of Lead, sent us some new slugs from Poland to try. At the time, the Maverick was set up in its compact form so the first part of this video is a run through of that testing.

Based on the promise that early testing by PJ and others in the industry showed, Predator International has decided to import the slugs by Olympia Shot to the US for distribution through retailers and on Amazon. Based on that decision, these results can be released. Coincidentally, the FX Maverik is still set up from the slug competition at the Rocky Mountain Airgun Challenge, hosted by @Utah Airguns which leads to the second part of the video including groups at higher velocity through a longer barrel.

This is a video about an airgun slug. Slugs are mostly used in hunting applications. As a result, this video does include some pest control. Some people don’t like that. If you are part of that group, there were about a million other not-pest control videos you might enjoy, and I recommend you check those out instead of this one.

For more information about the gear used in this video check out the following links:

FX Maverick in .22 cal
Available at retailers worldwide

700mm Barrel, Superior Standard Liner

Saber Tactical Adjustable Butt Stock and Universal ARCA Swiss Rail
Available at retailers worldwide

Olympia Shot .22 cal, 25 grain slug
Available soon in the US!

Side Shot Scope Cam mount for Mobile Phone

DonnyFL Tatsu
Available at retailers worldwide

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