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Element Optics Helix 6-24x50 Vs Aztec Optics Emerald 5-25x50 Scope Showdown

23 August 2020 / 152 views / Wisconsin AirGunners

Element Optics Helix 6-24x50 Vs Aztec Optics Emerald 5-25x50 Scope Showdown

The Aztec Optics Emerald SFP scope has been one of my favorite scopes and has seen regular use for over a year on my .30 cal FX Impact, the gun I use for 100 yard benchrest competitions.

So can the SFP Helix from the newcomer, Element Optics, knock it off its perch as my go-to scope on my competition rifle? Does it have features, like a resettable zero stop, that I will deem essential for all future scopes? Are the turrets as crisp as the designers and pro-staffers say they are?

What we have set out to do is show you what we are seeing. This is our second optics review using this format. We created an “eye chart” for scopes, and took photos (using a SideShot Phone Mount with a 50/50 prism and an iPhone 11 Pro) of the chart with both scopes at 30 meters. Those unedited photos are presented to you, so you can make the comparison for yourself.

While our intent with this video is to provide you with the information you can use to make good purchase decisions, I am prepared to say that the Helix is the scope to beat in this price range in terms of build quality and visual (through the tube) appeal. The Aztec scope is very good, but has a higher list price and is lacking in the the turret function and features categories.

As to the equipment used in this’s the list along with links to where you can get yours. All the equipment in this video was purchased by, and is owned by, members of the Wisconsin AirGunners group.

Element Optics Helix

FX Dreamline (.22 cal)

Saber Tactical Chassis

Accu-Tac Bipod

DonnyFL Tatsu

Aztec Optics Emerald

SideShot ScopeCam

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