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DIY Know Your Limits (KYL) target set for Airguns for about 40 bucks with the Target Forge Quicki!

If you’ve seen professionally made, firearm rated Know Your Limits (KYL) Target systems and thought, “man, I want one of those!” but recoiled at the price tag, then this video is for you.

In about 25 minutes, and without any power tools, I put together a very functional KYL set that will stand up to years of high-power airgun abuse. THIS IS NOT A FIREARM RATED TARGET, AND IS NOT INTENDED FOR USE WITH FIREARMS. This is an airgun targets system, and should easily withstand more than 60 FPE. Make certain before you use it that you have adequate backstop in place. You must always know what is behind and beyond your target!

The only part of this build that I couldn’t get at the local hardware store is the Quicki by Target Forge. The Quicki is sort of the “hips” of the stand and attaches the legs to the top bar. You get a two-pack for $19.99 and you should be able to source everything else you need at a local home-improvement store.

You will only need two tools to complete the project. I used a cheap pipe cutter (six bucks) and an opened end wrench.

Supplies include two, 5 foot pieces of three-quarter inch conduit, a bag of three-quarter inch PVC spacers, however many 3/8 x 8“ eyebolts you want to hang as targets, a pack of 3/8 inch washers, a pack of 3/8 inch locking nuts and then heavy duty nuts in the sizes that you want for each of your target paddles. I also used some hockey tape that I had lying around the house.

It’s an easy project, and in the end you will have a cost effective, customized airgun target that you can sling pellets at for years and years.

Target Forge Quicki

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