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 Wisconsin AirGunners / 455 Views /  18-10-2021

Can you Split a Pencil at 75 yards? Off-Hand? With an AirGun? Shooter1721 Trick Shot Challenge

Rick, @Shooter1721 / Airguns challenged Keith @68. Whiskey. and Justin of @Utah Airguns to a simple challenge.
How many pellets would it take to split a pencil, shooting off-hand, at 75 yards. He was shooting the Yellow Jacket version of the FX Crown. Keith did it with the GRS arrow barrel...I don't have either of those, so I went out to try it with my .25 cal FX Crown MKII and its' 380mm barrel dressed up in a Saber Tactical Chassis.
In this video you'll see my attempt at glory! Will I rise to the challenge? Or suffer the agony of defeat? Pop the popcorn, cue the CBS Sunday Sports Spectacular intro music, and give this video a watch.
If you like trick shots, then this one is just for you!

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