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RAW HM1000x Chassis Air Rifle - 100 Yard Toothpick Shot Umarex Split the Pick Airgun Challenge!

24 February 2020 / 1643 views / Up North Airgunner

24th Feb 2020
My Rapid Air Weapons RAW HM1000x has been installed into the new chassis system and took her out to 100 yards for the Umarex Split the Pick Challenge. Even in 25 degree weather, two feet of snow, and shooting prone, I am getting MOA groups at 880 FPS shooting in .30 cal with JSB Exact 44.7gr! Hit that pick on the first try at 100 yards, but just took the tip off. I didn't realize it as I couldn't see it in the scope! I went back and shot off the rest of the pick. It was windy - but got the job done!

I've added few toys to the platform to include the ERGOAir TDX-0™TACTICAL DELUXE ZERO ANGLE SUREGRIP® - extended rail under the bottle - B&T Industries Atlas 5-H bipod with ski feet up front and Accushot medium height mono-pod to to the rear. Running the Hawke Frontier scope with medium height rings.

The target I am shooting at in this video is the Know Your Limits Target. Best training target on the market!

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