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FX Airguns Crown MKII Arrow Gun with Heavy Broadheads This Changes Everything!

This is a repost from a research project I recently did with American Airgunner. Stay tuned for more of this topic on their TV show and check out their YouTube Channel! https://www.youtube.com/c/americanairgunner


Want to hunt big game with Airgun arrow slingers? Watch this video first! This research project in partnership with Utah Airguns, FX Airguns, and American Airgunner COMPLETELY changed my mind about broadhead selection when slinging sticks at deer with ANY arrow based hunting tool!

This idea of shooting heavy broadheads in the archery sector to increase penetration is nothing new, but there has been renewed interest and a hard look at the results you can get by ditching that typical 100 grain broadhead most of us run. I have dropped a lot of Deer with mechanical broadheads all at 100 grains and when they work - they work great, but when they don't...they don't. Time to test all of the this with the FX Crown MKII Arrow Gun!

In the last few years, I have had a few situations that left me scratching my head and have had some issue with a few mechanicals. It only takes one time of gear failure that makes me question everything especially when hunting Deer.

Growing up shooting traditional archery and recurve bows in the mid to late 80s, my dad had me slinging pretty large broadheads. He told me that if I shot something lighter it wouldn't penetrate and wound the Deer. So the first few years of slinging sticks with bow and string. I was shooting slow and I mean REALLY slow!

As modern archery equipment flooded the market shooting arrows into the 300s and now over 500 feet per second with advanced manufacturing techniques and all kinds of crazy designs, faster and lighter became en vogue. So was everything my dad taught me wrong when switching over to compound bows or crossbows and later on airguns that shot arrows? Nope.

The reality is, traditional broadheads aren't sexy. They are large, long, heavy, and sharp. They don't have CNC'd ports that supposedly SUCK the blood out of the Deer as it passes through (yup - there is a broadhead that claims that), they don't have over 2 inches of blades that expand out from the ferrule (there is a reason why they don't), and they don't have any rubber bands to hold back blades.

Traditional broadheads just work. To prove this point, I head out with my FX Airguns Crown MKII Airgun to test what my dad taught me back in the mid 80s to see if it still held true even with the most modern arrow slinging equipment.

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