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Big Bore Airgun Deer Hunting with DonnyFL Suppressors!

I get asked this question a lot.... "How do Deer react when hunting with a big bore airgun?" I have shot quite a few Deer so far with big bore airguns both unsuppressed and suppressed and I can tell you that they react a lot differently. It has a lot to do with the fact that we are shooting subsonic without the CRACK! of a firearm. Running a DonnyFL Suppressor with your big bore airgun takes things to the next level of quiet and can give you an edge during your Deer hunting season.

I get messages from people wanting to know why the suppressor on their big bore airgun isn't as quiet as they hoped. You have to remember that big bore airguns have the shot report of a .410 / 20 gauge shotgun unsuppressed, so the sound reduction needed to suppress the massive amount of air being expelled is still quite significant. Shooting with a DonnyFL Suppressor takes the decibels down to the point where you don't need hearing protection. A lot of the noise you hear is the massive hammer and spring used in most big bore airguns. There is no way to get rid of that mechanical noise.

But why should you be running a DonnyFL Suppressor while Deer hunting? For one, I like the fact that when taking shots at Deer, your're not blowing out your hunting spot and the shot report sounds like it is coming from much further away. Deer have a bad habit of going nocturnal here in Michigan when the shooting starts Nov. 15 so every advantage you can get to keep the woods quiet is a win in my book.

The ability of taking a followup shot if needed is also a plus. In a perfect world, you shouldn't need a second shot, but things happen. I have personally hit twigs / branches that deflect the slug and other "mishaps" so things do happen where a followup shot would be great. Even unsuppressed, I have seen Deer just look up not knowing what the heck that sound was, but adding in a DonnyFL suppressor statistically gives you the upper hand. I have noticed the echo throughout the woods or in a field is almost completely gone shooting suppressed so the Deer's ability to pin point where the shot came from is also diminished.

The biggest issue shooting a big bore suppressed is the added length. In the right situation, that may not matter to you depending on how you hunt. I have been getting elevated in tree stands in the last few years and have been on the search for the perfect compact Big Bore Airgun where adding in a suppressor wouldn't be that bad with the added length. Right now my favorite big bore shorty is the AirForce Texan .50 cal carbine. Other good options are a modded Air Venturi Dragon Claw .50 cal or hot rodded Evanix Rex P .50 cal. Another new option that just entered the market is the 16 inch AEA Zeus slinging .72 cal lead over 800 FPE! Throwing a DonnyFL on that bad boy would be a sweet gun for a confined space like a hunting blind.

DonnyFL offers suppressors in the Ronin, Emperor, and Great Kami for .357 / .45 / .50 / and .72 cal big bore airguns. The longer suppressor and more chamber volume will give you greater shot report reduction, but will also add length from 6.25 inches on the short side to 14.25 inches with the longest option. So if silence and filling your freezer with venison is a priority, DonnyFL is the King of Quiet!

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