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How I won EBR 2021!

I've earned the win at the 2021 Extreme Benchrest Champion! In this video I'll go over my equipment and some of the techniques I used to achieve this incredible honor!
Each year Airguns of Arizona holds, what is in my opinion, the premier airgun event of the year. This is the one that started it all and brings shooters of all experience levels from around the globe to compete against one another. This event is well organized, smooth running, and very welcoming to spectators that are considering taking part.
This year, I won 1st place in the 100 yard Extreme Benchrest, 1st place in Pro Class Speed Silhouette, I shot so well that I earned the title of Grand Champion as well! And, I did it all with one gun which got me a 3rd place finish in the One Gun Challenge with my gen 2 Daystate Red Wolf!

Music Credit: Solaris Rez by Le Castle Vania

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