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Gamo Swarm Magnum 10X Pellet Test - Gamo Pellet Accuracy ARMOR Piercing, Red Fire, Rockets, PBA

Here it is! The unofficial Gamo Swarm Magnum Pellet test. In today’s video we will test a handful of Gamo pellets as well as some JSB and H&N. First up are the JSB 18.13, then the Gamo Red Fire, Gamo Raptor, Gamo Armor Piercing, Gamo PBA Platnum, Gamo Rockets, and some H&N Baracuda 18s.
Check out the cool knife here https://lapolicegear.com/lapg-kn-tbfk-01-folding-s35vn.html?irclickid=VkpwgYxCQxyIWOKxvCW%3ANVnAUkBQL2WpLwavUs0&irgwc=1
AND the AWESOME backpack here https://lapolicegear.com/diplomat-3-day-backpack1.html?irclickid=VkpwgYxCQxyIWOKxvCW%3ANVnAUkBQL2VlLwavUs0&irgwc=1

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