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New Pard008S-LRF + older Pard008-LRF, compared by Bruce in his man-cave

NV guru Bruce (@phoenix on the UK NV forum) gives the new Pard008S-LRF his expert opinion, now that Pard have released the updated "PARD_UK_20220520" -firmware, which as you'll see cured the early issue with a jittery / laggey image.

The new Pard008S-LRF is on the left side of the plate & image inset top-left, while my older (pre-P version) Pard008-LRF is on the right side of the plate, inset top-right.
Obviously the brightness settings can be adjusted on both scopes, their footage is compared side-by-side here.

Oh and sorry but I've already sold my Pard008-LRF, seen here on the right, as after using the Pard008S-LRF for pest control I wanted its new features on both my rifles. So once I've finished reviewing the DNV 6-13X50 scope, I'll buy my second Pard008S-LRF.

00:00 Intro.
00:45 With Bruce in his man-cave (synced Pard footage upper-left & -right).
03:37 Bruce zooms both scopes, then experiments with the adjustable iris (which I have fitted to reduce glare on bright sunny days).
06:20 Bruce explains eye relief (lack of) with near-eye displays.
12:55 Thanks for watching and coming soon / next...

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