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Custom Hunting LRF binos part #2 #2

We borrowed these excellent day and night binos from Ash at CustomHunting dot uk in March 2022, and got started by going through the features by day, then night (see part #1 of #2 for the man cave part of this review).

Here in part #2/#2 Bruce and I put these through their paces after dark spotting rabbits and other wildlife, then I also tested them closer to home on a different location (and also on a different night), in slightly better conditions.
Then at the end I try them with first LED then VCSEL external IR illuminators.
LED IR illuminators tried were the (LED) Brinyte T28 Artemis on 850nm, then the (VCSEL) Ludicrous Lumens Night Saber Wraith, fitted with the 2x head and 850nm pill.

00:00 Introduction
02:44 Not long after sunset I spot a fox @241m, approaching from the wood opposite, and track it as it approaches.
03:40 After dark, as Bruce arrived. We then range rabbits at various distances, test the IR illuminator on different strengths, and at different ranges.
10:47 Closer to home, ranging rabbits then various landmarks.
15:24 Coming soon (with my pros and cons round-up via voiceover).

Pros and cons…

• Built like a tank, has a military feel to them.
• Excellent visibility by day and night.
• Very high resolution.
• 6x-36x zoom, great if tripod mounted to keep them stable when zoomed-in.
• Outstanding LRF works to over 600m.
• LRF works via single pings, or continuous tracking.
• Video and still image recording.

• Bit heavy.
• Needs a powerbank when using onboard IR, especially at #3 (max).
• Bit focus-fussy.
• Eyepieces can be nudged out of focus if you’re not careful.
• Date & time are reset when batteries are removed or powerbank is unplugged (which resets recorded filenames too).

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