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Body Armor Outlet XR32 LeveLevel 4 plate #bao #viral

10 April 2024 / 29 views / Just A Bit Outside

Body Armor Outlet XR32 LeveLevel 4 plate #bao #viral


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Time to test the new level 4 armor

Fortec XR32
Level IV NIJ .06 Cert Trimmed Corner Shooters Cut, 10x12
Stand Alone level IV NIJ 0101.06 plates assembled in Mexico and made in the USA.

Ceramic / Kevlar® materials
Single curve design
Highly durable, water resistant polyurethane coated CORDURA® fabric finish
Precision quality control
NIJ Standard- 0101 .06 Certified
Actual size: 10.4"x12.2"
Curvature: Single Curve
Cut: Shooters
Protection Level: IV Stand Alone
Construction: Ceramic & Kevlar®
Thinness: 1.1" (29mm)
Weight: 7.05 lbs (per plate)
Model: BAO XR32-TC-SC-L
10-Year Manufacture Warranty
Assembled in Mexico, USA Made

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