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 Slingshot Channel / 890 Views /  14-06-2019

Deutsche Version:
Dear newbie YouTube censor:

This video is NOT about firearms, only about unregulated co2-guns, blowguns and slingshots. Please note that those are OK for both the community AND the ad friendly guidelines.

I know, you are most likely sitting in a third world sweat shop and have to watch silly videos all day long, for a few coins. I also understand that in your country, ALL weapons are probably illegal and therefore you have a hard time figuring out the differences. I feel with you my friend. But still, I assure you that my videos don't have to be censored or demonetized.

It is best for you to leave this video entirely alone, or else I have to contact the Creator Support, again. Those guys will then assign a senior reviewer to the case, who will overrule your decision and set things right. Then who knows, you may even get a nasty entry into your file.

So do us both a favor and keep your fingers away from those evil check marks. This will save both of us some time and frustration. OK?

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