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18th Nov 2019
When you want a good deal of firing power and performance abilities without the carrying of something big and bulky, a pellet pistol may be the best choice for your preferences. Versatile and affordable, pellet pistols are the perfect companion every airgunner should have in their arsenal. Pick up this type of firearm for hunting pests around the house, plinking cans in the backyard, practicing trigger time or a competitive engineering marvel and discover a fun way to experience all the power without the heavy weight of comparable options. Whatever your reason, a pellet pistol is one tool that every shooter should have in their collection, and that is way we are doing the Top 5 Pellet Pistols.


#5 Beeman P17:


#3 Diana Bandit:

#2 Benjamin Marauder Pistol:

#1 AirForce TalonP:

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