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 Teds Holdover / 195 Views /  27-11-2012

Nov 27th 2012 A few months after I uploaded the original version of this video, Youtube "took action" on it because of the part where I cleaned the rabbit. I was actually quite surprised, since I did not deliberately try to gross anyone out. It was a simple demonstration re: how I prepare food for myself. Alas, Youtube policy enforcers disagreed, and the video was silenced. Since then, my inbox gets a constant flow of frustrated viewers who are unable to see it. So, using the successful model I had from my last hunting video. I have separated the part that Youtube had an issue with (cleaning the bunny), and uploaded that part independently to an unlisted video (link at the end of this video). Or, you can simply click this link right here: If you don't want to see that part, simply don't click on it. Sounds easy, right? We'll see... :) ------------------------------------------------------------- NOTE: I plan to do this with other "banned" videos. I also plan to add updated narration to those videos. The work I do on these will NOT stymie my production of new vids. Expect to see the FX Verminator and the Benjamin Trail NP very soon. ------------------------------------------------------------- And here is your official Warning: Warning, this video shows the harvesting and eating of a delicious rabbit. It should not be viewed by anyone who opposes hunting. It should also not be viewed by anyone with a healthy appetite (as it will make you very hungry). :) So, to summarize: This Video Should Not Be Viewed By Anyone! :) ------------------------------------------------------------- Music by Kevin Macleod: Please donate to Kevin if you use his music. We would all be screwed without his work

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