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 Airgun Gear Show / 3442 Views /  30-12-2019

Do you want to super charge your airgun, then FX Airguns have the add on that’s just for you. Plenum’s have been around for years in airguns, and only now has the science started to be used for more power and shots, mainly because until now no one has wanted to dip there two in the water and go for it. The FX Impact is the perfect platform to work on with this add on, and as you can see it has many major benefits and will allow you to maximise the potential of the pellet or slug that you are using.

Major benefits

1 More Power
2 Greater Shot Count
3 Lower Reg Pressure
4 Ability to utilise pellets and slugs more efectivley
5 Bigger Calibers now possible

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FX Chrono's available here


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