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7th Oct 2019
Gamo changed break barrels when they came out with the first Swarms and now the Swarm GEN 2 is the next level of multi shot break barrels. This video features the .22 CAL version. The Swarm Fusion Gen 2 takes everything that was awesome about the first swarm and improves it to make it even better. Now the mag lays flat so the gun can include open sights. The pistol grip stock is super comfortable and the gun is very light weight. With the Whisper Moderator on the barrel is is even more quiet than before.
Gamo continues innovating and improving their airguns and the Gen 2 Swarm is a great example of this.
This video is long and it is a FULL REVIEW of the Gen 2 Swarm, with chrony numbers, accuracy testing, sound testing and more.

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Airguns are not toys and can be dangerous if proper gun safety is not followed. Make sure you are safe when you use any airgun!

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