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Sept 14th 2012 Sorry for the mix-up re: the [lack of] power settings. To recap, the gun does NOT have adjustable power. Rather, there are two versions, an 80 ft/lb and 60 ft/lb. The 60 ft/lb model would almost certainly be more accurate using pellets. But, the 80 ft/lb could potentially be just as accurate if heavier ammunition was used. Many owners of these high-powered air rifles use cast bullets, rather than pellets. I stayed with pellets for this review in order to create a benchmark that everyone could understand. So, it has been 4 months since I received this gun. To the folks waiting on me to get this one rung out...Thank You for your patience! And special thanks to Airguns of Arizona and Daystate for not sending the Repo-Man after me. :) http://www.daystate.com/air-ranger.htm http://www.airgunsofarizona.com/Dayst... For more details, as well as photos and discussion not seen on Youtube, visit my Facebook Page at facebook.com/TedsHoldOver.

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