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PLEASE! Do not take my reactions to this bipod personally!
For some shooters, this is all they can afford and I certainly can appreciate that. I would never judge or look down upon anyone for having one of these!
My goal with this review is to show you how the bipod acts and expose any potential issues that you may run into if you are considering purchasing one of these.
While I am biased about this, I also tried to let the bipod speak for itself. I may joke around and laugh quite a bit at it but, I put this through the same tests I put all the others through.
This is a long one guys. It was originally 35+ minutes long! I cut it quite a bit to shorten it up but still leave all the information in there. So, if the video seems a bit choppy, that’s why.
This bipod was disappointing pretty early on. It also broke pretty quickly and I was forced to alter (fix) it in order to continue with the review. The poor design is apparent in many ways. But, it’s not all bad. Some of that low quality actually lends itself to making the bipod quick and easy to use in certain situations. The most impressive feature, other than the price, was how little slop there was in the leg extensions. Less than a true Atlas!
This might be the right bipod for you. But it isn’t for me. Some of you are very passionate about these stating that you can make them almost, or just as good, as a true Atlas. GREAT! I’m truly happy for you! Please feel free to post your tricks in the comments of the video once it (eventually) posts up on youtube. Links to how-to video for modifying these are also welcome.

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