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3rd Dec 2020
On this airgun hunt, its something new for me. I hunt snowshoe hare with the Hatsan Vectis PCP air rifle. This rifle is a lever action .25 caliber rifle, that provides the right mix of accuracy, power, and offhand shootability.
This was my first really cold weather hunt of the season, and as soon as I wrap up my deer hunts I'll be heading back up to Wisconsin. This hunt is a lot of fun, and as the snow gets deeper, it should be a fun hunt on snow shoes!
I liked this lever action gun, it cycles quickly, and the ergonomics are very good overall.... and I appreciated that as I had to do my shooting offhand (sorry about the scope jitter.... I was freezing at one point)!
Come along for the hunt and see if this is something you might like to try.

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