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Air Rifle Hunting, Rabbit Control With The FX Crown, H+N Slugs And Pard NV007

Due to the covid restrictions and lock down the rabbit numbers have increased over the last couple of years so since it was a nice night i went out to see if i could get a few on a small farm i used to shoot over years ago who thankfully still reconsidered me and quickly give me the green light again as the place was getting over run with rabbits which have a bad habit of under mining the hedges.
I've already managed to get a good few rabbits here in day light hours but this time i decided to try at night with the Pard NV007 add on and NV019 spotter.
Here in Northern Ireland rabbits are on our general licence as they are considered an agricultural pest and can be controlled all year round, this was done here with the use of a legally held air rifle on land that i have permission to do so on in a legal and humane manner as not to prolong or glorify the death of the animal.
Rifle FX Crown .22cal 30+ft/lb
Scope Bushnell Elite Tactical 2-16x42
H&N 21gr .218 slugs
Night Vision Pard 007 Add On & 019 Spotter
Laser Rangefinder LE-032

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