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Air Rifle Hunting NiteSite Viper Rat Shoot 4

21 January 2023 / 220 views / Hunters Vermin

Air Rifle Hunting NiteSite Viper Rat Shoot 4

This video is actually from 2016 were i spent a few hours sitting in my van one night with my air rifle and NiteSite Viper trying to help reduce the number of rats on a local dairy farm.
Here in Northern Ireland rats are on our general licence as they are considered an agricultural pest and can be controlled all year round, this was done here with the use of a legally held air rifle on land that i have permission to do so on in a legal and humane manner as not to prolong or glorify the death of the animal.

Range Finder Bushnell Scout 1000
Rifle BSA Super10 John Bowkett Blueprinted .22cal 15ft/lb
Scope Nikko Stirling Targetmaster 4-16x44 LRX
Pellets JSB Diabolo Exact 15.9 Grain
NiteSite Viper add on NV

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