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Aug 18th 2018 In this video I review the Umarex Glock19 Co2 pistol. It is a .177 BB pistol without a blowback actuated slide. It is a removable 16 shot magazine (I say clip by mistake in the video, oops) that is easy to load. The pistol is steel and polymer and weighs 1.5 lbs. It feels good in the hand and very closely reassembles an actual Glock 19 Firearm. I will show you this pistol features and take few shots down range at 10 yards on a 6” target. You will have to watch the video to get my thoughts on this replica. I wanted a few air-powered pistols to use when I am out pesting and have a situation where I must finish off a critter or if they are very very close and present a target, we are talking like within 5 yards, so close that trying to use the rifle is just not practical. I will not be making any modifications to any of my Co2 pistols as I consider them user ready for what they are intended. Umarex and Glock are registered trademarks of their respective companies. Neither of which have endorsed or sponsored this video. https://hajimotoproductions.com

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