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June 8th 2018 DISCLAIMER: This video is meant for educational & documentary purposes only. All work on airguns and airgun accessories should be carried out by a proficient licensed professional. Hajimoto Productions Channel nor YouTube will be held liable for any injury or damage resulting from attempting to duplicate anything shown in this video. By viewing this video, you are acknowledging the contents of this disclaimer. This technique is not new as we have been doing this to Benjamin Marauder Magazines for years. The information is not new but the presentation in the Gauntlet realm is. In this tutorial, I show you how to reduce or in most cases, eliminate the rotary magazine from damaging the skirts of your pellets. This technique can be used on the Benjamin Marauder mags as well. Tools Required: * 5/64" Allen wrench * Compressed Air * A rat tail file like those used for chainsaw sharpening. Thank you for watching, please like, comment and subscribe! **Airgun101.com is not responsible for any modifications suggested by any Creator. Use of these videos is entirely at your own risk.**

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