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Rocky Mountain Airgun Challenge 2021 - Day Six Standard Slug Challenge & 100 Yard Benchrest Card 1

First, a note from our sponsor...Oh wait, that's me.

We had intended to get videos out each night after shooting. It's plain by now that this didn't happen. Here's why. One...We were busy. All day. Every day. There wasn't time to edit and do the next day's prep once we got into the shooting. We were shooting, having fun, learning, meeting people, staying up late prepping the next day's shoot and then getting up early to hit the range for briefings and being on time for competitions. Two...I uploaded the first videos with no problem, and then the hotel Wi-Fi chocked on me the next time I tried to do something and never let me back on!

The 2021 Rocky Mountain Airguns challenge is in the books and here is our recap of the event.

In this video we are at the range for the first day of competition. In this video PJ shoots the Standard Slug Competition with the FX Maverick Compact after swapping out for a 700mm barrel and shooting the 28.5 Nielson Specialty Ammo .22 caliber slugs and also shoots his first card of the Pro Class 100 Yard Benchrest. John makes his competition debut also in the Pro Class 100 Yard Benchrest, but in Relay 5.

Stay tuned for continued updates-Next up is the Speed Challenge and Round 2 of the 100 yard Benchrest competition!

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