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*NEW* FX Impact M3 w/ Power Block, Tungsten Hammer, Tensioned Barrel System + More!!

The FX Impact M3 now ships with the new rear FX Power Block. Much like a hot rodded car's ported and polished intake manifold, the rear block handles the transfer of power from the power plenum with better air flow, efficiency, and power potential.

Those shooting heavy slugs are encouraged to add the FX Impact Tungsten Hammer weight to also allow for higher working pressures. Tungsten is a material that is 1.7x denser than steel (used for the standard FX hammers). This extra weight hits the valve with more power which allows the valve to open even at higher regulated pressures and stay open longer before closing. This is particularly useful with longer barrels (700mm & 800mm) as the longer the barrel, the more desirable it is to have the valve stay open (ideally to just before the slug leaves the barrel).

These advancements for slug shooting to the FX Impact will result in shooters using heavier slugs at faster speeds. This requires a more rigid barrel to handle the pressure and vibrations created by these projectiles. The new FX Tensioned Barrel System adds the firmness needed to let you reach the potential of the FX Impact with heavy slugs, all while maintaining the extreme accuracy everyone expects from an FX Airgun.

The FX Tensioned Barrel System will be sold both as an add on system that can be used with any existing 700mm STX barrels, or sold with a barrel as part of a complete FX Slug Tensioned Barrel Kit. These kits come with a slug ready STX heavy liner standard and are available in both 700mm, and the newly announced 800mm Slug Tensioned Barrel Kit.

To push the boundaries of what small bore slugs can do, FX is introducing an 800mm Slug Tensioned Barrel for the FX Impact. This barrel will allow the FX Impact to shoot heavier slugs at the speeds needed to create a higher BC which will allow the Impact to shoot at further distances.

This barrel has achieved a first in the airgun world, an airgun shooting the same caliber and same grain weight bullet as a common firearm. The 800mm Slug Tensioned Barrel, when combined with a Power Block and Tungsten hammer weight equipped FX Impact, will shoot a .22 Caliber 40gr slug at speeds of 1030 ft/s (the common weight and speed shot by many professional .22LR competition shooters).

Additional accessories shown in the video include the new extended rail system from Saber Tactical. The Saber Tactical TRS Rail allows the option of mounting additional accessories to the rifle including the GRS Bipod. This Bipod was originally developed by GRS for F-Class ELR and similar long-range disciplines. With the recent optional extended Impact top rails offered by multiple manufacturers, this perfectly suited Bipod can enhance the accuracy you get from your FX Impact.

The physics of accuracy gained by the GRS Bipod come through how the recoil effects your barrel when firing your rifle. By mounting a bipod over your barrel as opposed to under it, the recoil delivers straight back into the shooter instead of torquing at the bipod and recoiling up. With this wildly improved recoil management system, you remove the upwards recoil movement from effecting your shot, you can see your round better as well as making adjustments to your point of impact even faster.

For more information on any of these products please visit www.fxairguns.com.

For dealer locations visit: https://fxairguns.com/retailers/
For dealer locations within the US visit: https://www.fxairguns-usa.com/find-a-dealer/
If you are ever unsure and need service in US visit: https://fxairguns-usa.com/service-request/
For all other areas outside of the US please visit: https://fxairguns.com/support/

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