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New Airguns 2022 Shot Show (Umarex Origin .25 Caliber) PCP Rifle & Pump Package!

Umarex Origin .25 caliber PCP rifle was just announced as one of the new airguns at 2022 Shot Show. The Umarex Origin comes with an included PCP hand pump. This means your ready to shoot! The new version of the Umarex Origin is now available in .22 or .25 caliber. This video will give you all the info on the new Origin .25 PCP rifle as well as review other 2022 Shot Show new airguns from Umarex. Thanks for watching! -Nate

.22 caliber Umarex Origin/Pump Package is available for $349 here :

Airgun Web TV's .25 Origin Video:

Shot Show 2022 New Airguns Videos:
Air Venturi Bullpup:
Benjamin Gunnar:
Umarex Air Javelin Pro:
Umarex Air Saber Elite X2:
Umarex Primal 20 (20 guage PCP):
Umarex Gauntlet 2 in .30 caliber:
Umarex Origin in .25 caliber:

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