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26th Feb 2020
The Umarex AirSaber was recently announced and I had to get my hands on one to see if this bolt slinging air gun lived up to all the excitement. I can tell you with 100% confidence - It DOES! This thing is AWESOME!

I have been invited by State Representative Beau LaFave's office to testify this coming Tuesday at the Michigan State Capital in support of HB 4332. This important bill would legalize AirBow / Air Bolts to be used by disabled hunters during the archery deer season and all other hunters during the firearm seasons here in Michigan.

This bill would specifically open up new hunting opportunities for disabled hunters and disabled veterans due to the safe and ease of use of airbow / air bolt technologies as compared to vertical bows and crossbows. View the bill here:

I have teamed up with the Airgun Sporting Association, Umarex USA, Inc., Pyramyd Air / Air Venturi, AirForce Airguns, Crosman, SpyderWeb Targets and Chad Simon from Lethal Air airgun hunters to help bring awareness to these new arrow / bolt based technologies for hunting and educate our law makers.

My good friends at Umarex stepped up this week and rush shipped me the newly released Umarex AirSaber to have on display during the committee meeting and demonstrate on video how easy it is to use.

After spending this afternoon setting it up and getting familiar with the platform, I got it zero'd and WOW! Just WOW! Check out these photos and the accuracy I am getting at 30 yards! I chrony'd the bolts and at a full 3625 PSI (250 bar) I was getting a consistent 400 FPS with a 350 grain bolt!

Chad Simon from Lethal Air sent these awesome Thorn Broadheads Rift series with a 2.2 inch cutting radius! Talk about ethical take down and cutting power paired with the Umarex AirSaber!

HUGE shout out to these companies who are supporting my advocacy efforts for hunters here in Michigan and helping with the gear used for demonstration. Wish me luck!

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