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Ravin R500 Crossbow Overview Massive power, but is it too powerful?

The Ravin R500 is a massively powerful crossbow and is the most kinetic energy from a string propelled arrow based projectile I have ever slung as a hunter. Is it too powerful or not enough power or are there other considerations for the most ethical and lethal approach to hunting with arrow based technologies? With that said, I have gone down a rabbit hole on exploring the terminal effects of arrow based technologies for big game hunting.

Make sure to check out the Ashby Reports as this is the first video in a series where I take a deep dive into applications of the reports finding across all the arrow based technologies I use to hunt with every Deer season. Check it out here:

If you've been following my channel with the legislative advocacy work I have been doing for airgun based technologies, you've heard me say during testimony that at the point of impact, that Deer doesn't know if the arrow that was flung into its vitals by string, air, or unicorn farts... What matters is the terminal performance. Period.

There is a MASSIVE arms race in both the compound bow, crossbow, and airgun arrow slinging areas of the broader hunting sector chasing crazy fast velocities and massive kinetic energy. The Ravin R500 is a perfect example of the engineering GENIUS that has been used to reach these levels of power and velocity. But is that velocity number all you should be concerned about? NOPE!

In this video I do a quick overview of the Ravin R500 and some of the features I love about it that makes it not only the most powerful crossbow I have even test, but maybe one of the safest crossbows I have ever tested due to how the string while under tension is INSIDE a protective frame.

In upcoming videos, I will cover my testing in greater detail as is pertains to the Dr. Ed Ashby Reports aligned with airgun arrow guns. His research was focused on traditional archery equipment, but does it hold water with modern arrow based technologies? Spoiler alert... Physics is physics and at the pointy end of the stick and through the game animal, the universe doesn't care how it got to the animal.

Huge shout out to Pyramyd Air and FX Airguns for sponsoring these tests on my channel across airgun and crossbow technologies looking at the terminal effects of various arrow and bolt systems paired with various configurations and broad heads in both crossbows and airgun arrow guns.

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