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NEW - FX Airguns Product Alert! FX Archery Chronograph and FX Crown MKII Arrow Kit Deer Hunt

Watch out Robin Hood! There is a new king of archery accuracy and precision in town. The all new FX Chronograph for compound bows is a game changer for archery tuning and velocity verification. After field testing this thing for the last few months, I have found it to be a great training aid as well to make sure my anchor point and release are exactly the same every single time by verifying my velocity shot to shot. It just mounts to your compound bow's stabilizer installation point and uses the FX Pocket Chronograph app.

In this episode we also got to go on a Deer hunt with the FX Airguns Arrow kit. The FX Airguns Crown MKII with arrow kit is hands down the most versatile airgun in my collection. I can say that now that I have tagged a 200+ pound 9 point 3 year old monster buck and 5 minutes later I threw on a .177 pellet slinging barrel and was plinking tin cans in the backyard at Deer camp. WOW! Just wow!

In this video I took the opportunity to go over some shot selection and shot placement tips when it comes to archery based equipment and airgun arrow slingers. Both crossbows and airgun arrow slingers are getting up into some major velocity and energy levels, but no matter how powerful, broadheads HATE BONE! Check out my uncles's hunt with the FX Crown MKII with arrow kit. In the end, it was a successful hunt, but also some good visual examples of what can go wrong when slinging arrows at deer with compound bows, crossbows, and arrow slinging airguns.

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