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Hatsan Harpoon Ram Hunt Arrow Launching Airgun!

29 September 2020 / 468 views / Crossbows, Airbows & Weird Stuff

29th Sep 2020
In this video I take the Hatsan Harpoon for a ram hunt down at the Lea Marsh Ranch in South Central Texas. I'm doing a mule deer hunt here later in the year, and thought I'd try out the Harpoon on a ram while I scouted the area.

There were some excellent aoudad and Dall sheep on the huge property, but I opted to take a younger catalina ram for the meat, as well as see how the gun performed.

Things went a little sideways, after the first stalk got me pinned down, I backed up and tried again. The second time I got into shooting position, and just as I pulled the trigger another ram stepped out. Watch the video to see what happened!

The Harpoon was a great arrow launching platform, it did everything I wanted, and did it well! Probably my favorite dedicated arrow gun to date. I was shooting 20" aluminum arrows from Hatsan, and the Double Whammy broadheads from Pyramyd Airguns.

Disclaimers: Lots of talk on both ends of video, if you only want to see the hunt jump to 00:04:10. Also, had some audio problems that will be sorted out by next videos, sorry!

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