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May 18th 2018 AirForce Airguns Texan: Longest Air Bolt Shot @ 150 Yards - AirGunDepot.com Long Ranger Golf Ball Challenge! Could this be a World Record Air Rifle Shot with an arrow? Notice the amazing clarity from the Hawke Optics Endurance ED Spotting Scope from the target camera footage! Seeing that level of detail with the flight of the arrow and the exploding ball pieces at 150 yards was awesome! AirForce Airguns does it again with the AirForce Texan .357 - Air Venturi Air Bolt System! So we finally got out with the Air Venturi Air Bolt system for the AirForce Texan. This kit is amazingly accurate and POWERFUL! At 550 feet per second - we were slinging 375 grain air bolts into the backstop and the only way we could stop them from going through anything and everything we put in front of them was to back up a ways. When I say we backed up a bit - I mean like 150 yards. Well hell - while we are out this far, let's try hitting a AirGunDepot.com Long Ranger Golf Ball! NAILED IT BABY!!!!

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