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May 9th 2019 The UpNorthAirGunner Tactical Airgun Transport Vehicle (TATV) is complete! Well almost complete... I am still looking for the perfect UTV gun rack case long enough to fit my AirForce Airguns Texan big bore airgun. Come along with me for a quick 3 minute test ride in this video! So I wasn't about to drop $20 grand or more on a side-by-side UTV. Challenge: $1000 to build an off-road vehicle that can carry me and my airgunning gear into the woods for hunting and range time. Mission accomplished! Check out the $99 - 212cc Harbor Freight engine I totally built up to double the horsepower and torque! I have been working on this thing for months. So you all know that I like taking airguns and modding them to shoot as fast as a powder burners. I am also a bit of a gear head and like to make small engines go WAY faster than they were designed to go! I modded this old go-kart frame with a totally built up Harbor Freight 212cc engine and turned it into a SCREAMING off-road work of art. Basically doubled the HP and torque on this thing and it is CRAZY fun to drive! Ok - Ok - I know... The modded helmet was a bit of overkill. PEW! PEW! VROOM! VROOM!

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