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June 6th 2018 So this was a major project we got done just in time for the new Han Solo movie release. It was a surprise birthday gift for my brother who turned 40 on June 5th. He has been my Star Wars fan partner my entire life and building this for him has been one of my greatest projects ever! A fully functioning Han Solo DL-44 Blaster that is a .177 BB gun that can fire in semi automatic or fully automatic mode. THIS THING IS AWESOME! During this process we also figured out why every single character in Star Wars seems to be the absolute WORSE marksman in the world - bad scopes and optics. Hawke Optics stepped up as a sponsor of this video and fixed that accuracy problem! Also a special thanks to Pyramyd Air for donating the Umarex M712 Mauser for this build! Go get one from PA today and start your own Han Solo Blaster project!

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