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Top Secret Slug from Predator International-Will it shoot in the Maverick Compact 22 cal Air Rifle

Our friends at Predator International are always on the prowl for the latest and greatest offerings and a few weeks back they sent over a tin of some new slugs with a request that we try them out in the FX Maverick to see how they performed. My Maverick is a Compact in .22, and is tuned for pellets, but it was worth a try.

The results are in the video, but let me tell you, these slugs are DEVASTATING on grey squirrels! Oh...this video contains PEST CONTROL, and you shouldn't watch it if that's not your thing.

If you like what you see, give Predator International a shout on Instagram or Facebook and let them know.

A note on the 55 and 100 yard tests...My Maverick is not tuned for this slug, and I had a limited supply of samples. The testing I've done is to see the potential, not to tune for this slug. That may be the subject of a future test. In this case, seeing nearly identical group sizes at 55 and 100 yards suggests to me that these pellets are stable and flying true. I expect a little time spent tuning (or the insertion of a 600 or 700mm barrel) would boost the velocity and bring that group closer to the 1" mark.

For more information about the gear used in this video check out the following links:

Mystery Slugs
Predator International

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Saber Tactical Adjustable Butt Stock and Universal ARCA Swiss Rail
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Side Shot Scope Cam mount for Mobile Phone

DonnyFL Tatsu
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