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 Up North Airgunner / 120 Views /  28-03-2019

March 28th 2019 The Official Guinness World Record for Longest Air Rifle Shot has been set! It is time for me to finally let the cat out of the bag! It took me almost a year to plan this shot and another 8 months for Guinness World Records to scrutinize my application, but I can now say that my long range shooting efforts are now officially in the record books as the Guinness World Record Longest Air Rifle Shot! Drum roll please..... Wait for it..... 150 yards is now officially the Guinness World Records Longest Air Rifle shot. When I say it out loud - I have to chuckle a bit after spending an entire year shooting golf balls at 300+ yards over and over and over again. 150 yards for the Official Guinness World Record - really? But there is a story behind this shot so here it goes.... Chris Turek - UpNorthAirGunner Guinness World Record Holder for Longest Air Rifle Shot Traverse City, Michigan

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