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 Crossbows, Airbows & Weird Stuff / 220 Views /  20-07-2021

The coolest 'Adder' video EVER!

The Adder tactical repeating crossbow is a huge success - probably the best selling crossbow since the end of the middle ages (seriously). Everybody wants one.
There is a whole community around the Adder now, with a Facebook group that has 2,800 members. Join here!

But now, Michael Frank, a real pro has done a video about it that blew our socks of our sandal clad German feet... he did it for free, just because he loves the Adder so much.
I am bursting with pride to see that my vision, a modern day tactical repeating crossbow, has conquered the market, providing fun and safety for so many happy new owners.

Thanks Michael!

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