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13th Jan 2020
It's here! Finally! I promised!

The eighth video of a mini series that is showcased on this channel, exploring the different barrels of FX Airguns. These videos will show how to properly remove and install a barrel into the featured rifle of the video.

If you ever have had difficulties removing or installing a barrel, these are the videos for you!

Important Sections:
Part 1 - Shroud Removal 1:07
Part 2 - Proper Handling 2:56
Part 3 - Liner Lock Removal 4:28
Part 4 - Liner Removal 5:25
Part 5 - Breech Parts 8:07
Part 6 - Liner Installation 12:44
Part 7 - Liner Lock Installation 14:36
Part 8 - Shroud Installation 16:12
Part 9 - Overview 18:42

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Movie Software: Movavi Video Suite 18
Music: Movavi Video Suite 18
Camera (Video): Samsung Galaxy S9

Disclaimer: Modifying or Tampering with air rifles can be very dangerous, and if done improperly, can cause serious injury and/or damage to property. Always be sure to keep safety in mind while working on your air rifle. Also, please contact your dealer and/or manufacturer before any tampering or modifying. 910 Airgun Tuning and Repairs LLC is not liable for any injury or damage to property due to a viewer tampering, modifying, repairing, or tuning an air rifle. 910 Airgun Tuning and Repairs LLC does not represent FX Airguns or FX Airguns USA in these videos. FX Airguns and FX Airguns USA are not responsible for any possible liabilities from these videos.

If you have any questions about repairs in my videos, or if you are needing assistance with other repairs, please feel free to reach out to me, via comments below, Facebook Messenger, Instagram direct message or Email. If you need help with your FX airgun, and you are located in the Western Hemisphere (North/South America), please contact FX Airguns USA for customer service, technical support, or part orders.

Keep a look out on Instagram and Facebook for video announcements and other updates! Also check out the website for custom parts, as well as DonnyFL and Saber Tactical gear!
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/910AirgunTuningAndRepairsLLC/

Instagram: 910_airgun_tuning_and_repairs
Website: https://910airguntuningandrepairsllc.com/

Email: 910airguntuner@gmail.com

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