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Gear used:
AirForce Texan and Umarex Hammer: https://lethalair.net/shop/ols/categories/big-game-hunting-airguns
Tactacam Gear: https://lethalair.net/shop/ols/categories/tactacam-action-camera-and-accessories
Mr. Hollow Point Slugs: https://mrhollowpoint.com/40-cal-to-50-cal.html
Lehigh Defense F5 Controlled Fracturing Ammo: https://www.lehighdefense.com/500-f5-hunter-controlled-fracturing-240gr-airgun-bullet
Evanix Rex P .50 cal: https://www.airgunproshop.com/shop/evanix-rex-pcp-pistol-35-45-50/
AAO Evanix T Rex Power Kit: http://www.africanairordnance.com/424820687/category/1417052/evanix-rex-gamo-tc

What happens when you get a group of AirForce Texan Big Bore Airgun loving airgunners together? You get the best airgunner deer camp EVER. This year's Michigan Early Antlerless Deer Season was hosted by Andrew Higgins, long time member of the Lethal Air Airgun Hunters Facebook group and Grand Master White Tail Deer hunter.

We all met up in Eastern Michigan located in Sanilac County to hunt over 1000 acres to help thin out the Deer herd and hopefully cut down on a lot of the crop damage being done. In total, we had 7 hunters in the woods and every one got a deer on the ground. Chad and Caleb Simon from Lethal Air came up from Virginia and Tim Davis drove up from Indiana to chase these Michigan White Tails. We had a new air gunner in camp as well. Russ pulled the trigger for the first time ever on an Airforce Texan big bore airgun on Friday and by 9am the next morning he had his first ever big airgun Deer on the ground. Andrew's buddy Ron was the only powder burner in Camp, but we are still working on converting him to big bore airguns still. He will come around!

We had so many different big bore airguns there, but most of us were running AirForce Texan .45s and .50 cals to give us that extra UMMPH for the longer shots that inevitably were gonna be presented. Even though most of the terrain was wide open bean fields with longer shot opportunities, we were able to get onto a few funnel and pinch points to get some closer shots too.

Chad brought the Umarex Hammer and Evanix Rex and the Umarex Hammer took down a few Deer too and it was wicked with those Lehigh F5 Controlled Fracturing slugs! I had so many deer show up at 200 yards in the first day and the second day and I told myself that if I can range one broadside with my laser range finder at 150 yards, I would SEND IT!

After shooting Mr. Hollow Point .50 cal ammo all summer long for the Quigley Offhand 325 yard bucket shot and shooting out to 650 and 1000 yard milk jugs, 150 yards feels like a chip shot at this point. But the situation was going to have to be perfect.

For this hunt I had my Lethal Air .50 cal DOPE'd out to 175 yards during the previous week of testing. I am slinging 525 grain Mr. Hollow Point slugs at 850 FPS for over 840 FPE at the muzzle. It usually bugs the crap out of me when I see shooters / hunters saying "SEND IT!" or "SAVAGE!", but this was about as "FULL SEND! and SAVAGE!" as it gets.

After taking a Deer last year late Deer season at 120 yards with the AirForce Carbon Fiber .45 and the results I am seeing with the .50 cal Texan, I am revising my 100 yards and in recommendation for some big bore airguns. Big bore airgun technology has gotten to be such a large spectrum in the market ranging from 150 to 800+ FPE, which is creating an ever changing maximum effective range paradigm.

With that said, you need to spend A TON of time knowing your holdovers and accuracy of your gun and at what pressures to shoot at for those ranges before you decide to SEND IT!

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