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10th Nov 2020
Just got my hands on the all new RAW HM1000x with the new shroud and this thing is a long range quiet sniper! I run DonnyFL cans on all my rigs so the first thing I did was got an LSS adapter and a Ronin Suppressor and it took this airgun from quiet to one of the quietest airguns I own above .25 cal.

The HM1000x has proven its ability to be a long range shooter by showing up in the finals at EBR and Pyramyd Cup shooting competitions, but I wanted to really dig into what makes this thing tick. After talking with the folks at RAW, they revealed that one of the biggest changes with the HM1000x was the HUGE air plenum that is right behind the regulator. This gives this gun big lungs and provides constant pressure through the entire shot cycle giving you pin point accuracy.

The other thing that really put me onto this airgun was the polygonal barrel. Basically it looks like twisted steel when you look down the barrel which reduces friction and doesn't bite into the pellet or slug which also increases velocity and accuracy.

This thing stacks pellets at 50 yards, but I wanted to see if RAW can be a top tier 100 yard airgun. So in this video I do a few quick 100 yard groups in some wind and HOLY CRAP! This thing is crazy accurate. The new shroud design really sets this gun up to be one of the quietest high powered PCPs on the market especially when you pair it with a DonnyFL Ronin Suppressor.

RAW is made in the USA and if you want to take it to the next level, get with the crew over at Utah Airguns and their custom shop. I have seen some custom rigs they have cranked out and WOW! - just WOW! Their custom dips and Cerekote jobs are crazy good!

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